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Bangda (mackerel) is one of the popular fish to be eaten in the Konkan area of western India. Bangda is a stronger smelling fish and is an acquired taste for some.  It is thoroughly enjoyed by the GSB community, and if you say “bangda sukke” they will go any distance to eat it. It was a regular preparation in my childhood home in Karwar.

All my children and my son-in-law Vilas love it. When my daughter Medha was in the UK, I would bake the sukke and send it to them. Even my son Milind, would get a take home parcel of banda sukke when he visited my family home in Karwar when he was in college.



    Step 1

    Grind coconut with chilies, haldi and tamarind

    Step 2

    Take a oven-proof dish, grease it with oil

    Step 3

    Pour ground masala into the baking dish; add salt and tirphal; arrange bangada pieces in masala (covering them properly)

    Step 4

    Place turmeric leaves on top and sprinkle little oil

    Step 5

    Bake at 375℉ for 40-45 min till fish is cooked and it starts drying up on the edges

    Step 6

    When you eat it, pour little coconut oil over it and enjoy

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