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Usals were a staple at our house on a very frequent basis – multiple times a week. A great complement to vegetables and non-veg dishes, it was my way to ensure that the family had a well balanced meal.



For garnish


    Step 1

    Soak washed whole masoor in water for about 12 hours. Drain water and sprout in a colander in a warm dark place (oven) for 12-24 hours (longer time in cooler climates)

    Step 2

    Warm ghee/oil on medium flame and add hing, rai, and jeera till rai seeds splutter

    Step 3

    Saute onions on a medium flame till pink and add chilies and fry slightly.

    Step 4

    Add all dry spices (haldi and garam/goda masala) and the sprouted masoor and saute for 5 mins on low flame

    Step 5

    Add salt, sugar and 1½ cups water and cook covered for approximately 15-20 mins, till the masoor is softened but not mushy

    Step 6

    Finish uncovered till moist but not too dry

    Step 7

    Remove from heat and add lime juice if desired and garnish with coconut and cilantro

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