• Prep Time
    30 minutes
  • Cook Time
    20 minutes
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This was a childhood staple my mother would make often. I kept the tradition and made it for my family over the years and glad to see that my children are now making it for their families too. A recipe that has stood the test of time and taste of three generations if not more. The ground coconut adds to the uniqueness of this dal and the garlic tempering adds a nice flavor.



For dal

For tadka (tempering)


    Step 1

    Soak tuvar dal for 30 minutes prior to cooking

    Step 2

    Cook dal with hing, haldi, and with 2 cups of water in a pressure cooker OR with 4 cups of water on the stovetop. If cooking on stovetop, periodically skim of scum that forms on top of boiling dal

    Step 3

    Take cooked dal and boil with onions and salt for 5 mins on medium heat

    Step 4

    Grind coconut, green chilies and tamarind to a paste; add paste to dal and simmer for 5 additional minute

    Step 5

    Add chopped spinach and cook for a minute or two as it cooks very quickly. To preserve green color of spinach, do not overcook

    Step 6

    Heat ghee in a tempering (or seasoning) spoon and when hot add crushed garlic to stir till lightly brown crushed garlic; immediate add to dal and cover pot to assimilate flavours

    Step 7


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