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Raita is generally a yogurt salad but when I was growing up in Karwar yogurt and milk products were in short supply. On the other hand, coconut was in abundance as we had our own coconut trees. So our version of Raita was to grind coconut and add to the curds and this is one of

my favorite accompaniment dishes with a meal.  My daughters, Medha and especially Madhura, love my Aloo Raita. It is also a favorite with all my friends.


For chutney

For tadka (tempering)


    VARIATION You can make this dish with gavar (guar or long bean) cut in small pieces, instead of potatoes. You need 150-200 gms (6 oz) of gavar. The gavar variation was one of my father’s favorite side dishes.

    Step 1

    In a tempering (or seasoning) spoon, heat 1 tsp oil and when hot fry the khada hing for about 30 seconds

    Step 2

    In a grinder, blend the oil + hing, green chilies, coconut and tamarind into a thick chutney; add water as needed

    Step 3

    In a bowl, mix potatoes with chutney, yoghurt, sugar and salt

    Step 4

    In a tempering (or seasoning) spoon, heat ghee or oil; when hot add rai, hing and red chilies; when it starts to splutter add it to the potatoes-yogurt and mix well

    Step 5


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