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Whever I eat this tamboli my mind flashes back to my childhood days in Karwar. We used to  eat “pez“  (conjee) with this tamboli. Tambolis are a speciality of Konkani people. It is a very good accompaniment with rice and fried fish.


For tadka (tempering)


    Step 1

    In a tempering (or seasoning) spoon, heat ghee and fry the hing to release the flavor; add green chilies and fry for a short time.

    Step 2

    In a blender, grind coconut, tamarind, ginger and the above fried mixture; grind with a little water to make a fine paste

    Step 3

    In a tempering spoon, heat ghee; when hot add rai and red chilies; when seeds start to splutter add to tamboli

    Step 4

    Mix and ready to be enjoyed

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