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Fresh lemon pickle is something I make when lemons are easily available. It’s a very simple recipe – easy to make and delicious when eaten fresh. It can be kept in an airtight bottle in the fridge to be enjoyed later. It can be an accompaniment to thalipeet, khichdee, or any Indian meal.


For pickle

For tadka (tempering)

For seasoning


    Step 1

    Cut all the lemons lengthwise into quarters or eighths (depending on size of lemons). Cut each slice further into two or three pieces about an inch in size

    Step 2

    In a bowl, mix all the lemons, sliced ginger and chili peppers with salt and set aside for about 4-6 hours. Addition of salt will cause the lemons to release juice. Hourly stirring of the lemons and the released juice is recommended.

    Step 3

    Add lemon juice (need additional lemons for these), chili powder, haldi and sugar and mix well. Let it stand for an additional couple of hours

    Step 4

    In tempering spoon, heat up oil till hot; add methi seeds; after a short time add rai and it should start spluttering; remove from heat and add hing

    Step 5

    Pour oil without the seeds onto the pickle

    Step 6

    Take all the seeds and a little oil into mortar and pestle and pound it into a course paste

    Step 7

    Add this paste to pickle; mix well and set aside for a few more hours

    Step 8

    In tempering (or seasoning) spoon, heat up oil for final seasoning; once hot, let it cool to room temperature and add to pickle and mix well

    Step 9

    Store pickle in a glass jar. The pickle needs to cure for about at least one week before it is ready to be consumed. Ideally store in a cool place and it should stay for a long time.

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