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Appé (also called paniyaram) is traditionally a breakfast item made in South India and eaten with coconut chutney. The traditional recipe can vary with grinding the dal and rice and allowing it to ferment overnight, or the instant appé which is made with semolina (cream of wheat) and yoghurt. Either recipe is a delicious snack and can be enjoyed at teatime or as a pre-dinner appetizer with drinks. You do need an appé or paniyaram pan which is now easily available in the market.

The traditional recipe below is my creation from trying different variations sourced from my family. You will enjoy this delicious snack




    Step 1

    Soak urad dal, chana dal and methi seeds together in morning

    Step 2

    In a separate vessel wash one cup idli rava, drain water and leave

    Step 3

    At night, grind the dal and methi with water to a smooth paste. The consistency should be of idli batter

    Step 4

    Take the poha, dry roast, cool and wash and add to dals while grinding.

    Step 5

    Pour the ground batter into a large vessel and add washed rava to it, mix well and sprinkle salt over it, preferably rock salt. Cover and leave overnight

    Step 6

    Next day add the ginger-green chilli paste, chopped curry leaves, chopped coriander leaves and chopped capsicum. Mix well

    Step 7

    In an appé maker grease the moulds and pour batter in each till ¾ full. Cover the pan and allow the appé to brown. When bottom is cooked gently turn them over with a spoon or toothpick and cook other side, add little oil if needed

    Step 8

    Your appés are ready.

    Step 9

    Serve hot with coconut chutney

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