• Prep Time
    5-6 hours
  • Cook Time
    10 Mins
  • Serving
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In every seafood loving Konkan house rawa fried prawns are a starter enjoyed before the meal. Whenever we visited our family home in Karwar we would eagerly await these made from the freshest catch. When my son-in-law joined the family, he did not eat seafood – during one of our weekend trip to Marve (beach resort) we convinced him to try out the prawn fry and after the first bite, he became a seafood convert for life. Today this dish is a family favourite at my children’s and grandchildren’s homes with every last morsel worth fighting over. It is an excellent appetizer with a chilled beer or cold beverage of choice.


For marinade

For batter


    Step 1

    Peel, devein and wash the prawns

    Step 2

    Add all the marinade ingredients to the prawns in a bowl and mix well so prawns are well coated with marinade; marinate for 5-6 hours

    Step 3

    Heat tawa (cast iron griddle) or non stick pan; add oil to shallow fry prawns

    Step 4

    Dredge the prawns lightly in the batter mixture

    Step 5

    Shallow fry prawns on both sides till brown and crispy on the outside

    Step 6

    Serve with little lime juice if needed

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